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September 19, 2005:
YEAH! First post of the WHOLE SHINO SITE THINGY! I noticed that most Shino sites...suck. Badly. So I've decided to make my very OWN Shino site filled with Shino-ey goodness! You might wonder why the hell I would want to make a thing about Shino, but it's simply because he rocks harder than anybody. I like, LOVE Shino. I'm not in love with him. That would be weird. But I just love him. He's grown on me a lot, AND ILL MAKE YOU LIKE HIM TOO! ^^ So enjoy the site, visit it every day, and I'll make you my slaves. MOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Shino Rocks.


D00D, It's Shino in all his freaking Glory. YEE-UH. With his hot bugs. And his hot glasses. And hot hair. And hot...face. And hot skin. And hot jacket. He just rocks.

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